RV Rally


Annual RV Rally

Our RV Rally is one of the best Values for the money. Our Goal after the RV Rally is to Donate part of the profits to Charity.

Only $ 0

Dates: May 29, 2024 - June 2, 2024

Corbin Heartland Campground
278 Heartland Dr, Campbellsville, Kentucky 42718
(606) 226-1645

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On behalf of the Kentucky Good Sams, we would like to welcome you to the RV Rally. We hope your RV Rally experience will be filled with fun
activities, fellowship. Upon entering the fairgrounds you will meet our WagonMaster and parking crew. They are there to see that you are safely parked. Once parked, you cannot move without one of the “Parking Crew” to help you. This is for your safety, as well as those around you. If you arrived after dark or during the program, you were parked in a “holding area” and provided with electricity. You will be moved to your permanent location the following morning. Please arrive with your propane tanks filled and waste tanks empty. Dump stations will be available upon your departure. You will be parked in an area where electricity and water are available. You will be parked as close to an electrical source as possible, the supply is 30 amps.

It is our sincere desire that you have an enjoyable experience here at the Kentucky RV Rally. We look forward to having you back again and hope you will bring a friend with you.


Handicapped parking is available for those with an official handicap permit for special needs. We will do our best to accommodate, but cannot guarantee that we meet all needs. If you require handicapped parking and are traveling with a chapter, you will not be parked them. All tow vehicle(s) must be removed from your rig. This will insure that the fire lanes are not blocked. 

The Kentucky Good Sam has a staff of volunteers that are appointed by the State Director. They work very hard to put this Samboree on. You will be able to identify them because they wear special shirts each day with the words KENTUCKY STATE STAFF on them. We welcome any questions and comments you wish to make. Please introduce yourself to them and let them know if you are having a good time. 

Chapters also volunteer to help put on the RV Rally. They can be seen doing many jobs such as parking, electrical, hospitality, registration, security, miscellaneous, door prizes, games and many other things that make the RV Rally a success. We appreciate all their time and hard work.  

Upon your arrival, you will greeted by our parkers. Please make you way to the registration area to get signed in.

The Kentucky hospitality team has set aside Thursday evenings.  Hospitality is a place to meet and make new friends. Please come and help yourself. This is also a place you can sit and play cards or board games with friends. 

Bring the number you received at registration to the door prize booth and all programs to claim your prize. Door prizes are drawn often from the stage and you must have your card with you to win. You may win more than once, so don’t throw it away.  

There is No Smoking in or near the buildings’ entrances or exits. Pets are welcomed; however, they are not allowed in the buildings and must be on a leash at all times. Be sure they are cleaned up after. Also, county health regulations prohibit the dumping of gray water on the grounds. The fairgrounds have two (2) dump stations provided for this service. 

For the enjoyment of everyone during the entertainment, we ask that all hats be removed and cell phones be silenced or turned off. 

Emergencies sometimes occur during the RV Rally. Please let a staff member help you. If you experience an emergency during the night, please turn on the lights of your tow vehicle or motor home and blow your horn. A staff member will come to assist you. Remember emergency phone numbers are listed in your program. When dialing 911 from a cell phone you may not be calling the local 911 services so make sure you state your location, which is listed in your program, the fairground name and the county. One staff member will stay with you and the other will go to the fairground gate to lead the EMS to your location.  

Our Vocabulary

Parked as you arrive. If you wish to park with someone you must arrive together

Parking is done in groups, i.e. by chapter or state. Kentucky has both block and hobo parking.

Kentucky has 30 AMP service, some states have limited electric, which means not enough electric to run your major appliances such as air, microwave, You can run T.V. & fans.

Not what you think! Games such as horse shoes, ring toss, bean bag toss. Yard games for us older kids.

Where the State Director meets with all the chapter presidents or their designated representative and they discuss state business and the rules that govern our chapters. Open to all to attend, but only presidents or their representative can vote.

Someone attending their first Kentucky Samboree.

A form of bingo played with 110 pennies and a deck of cards

An area where refreshments and cookies are served. ( a meeting place for everyone to socialize and play cards and just relax )

Usually sold for a $1.00 apiece at chapter outings and State Rally’s
Half the funds collected are either paid out in one, two, or three
prizes and the other half donated to one or more charities.

Person in charge of arranging & parking all the campers

Three or more campers who travel as a group to a rally or campout